Scientific NamePistacia palaestina
Common NameTerebinth, Palestine Terebinth
Hebrew Nameאלה ארץ ישראלית

The Terebinth is a short, flowering, deciduous tree or large shrub that normally grows about 2 to 6 meters in height, occasionally reaching 12 meters. Terebinth trees are native to the land of Israel and have been growing on hillsides of Judea and Samaria for thousands of years. They are mentioned a number of times in the Bible, especially throughout the detailed account of Abraham’s adventures in the book of Genesis. Terebinth trees are also mentioned in the story of Gideon and the story of David and Goliath.

Terebinth trees are typically found growing in places with full sun and adequate moisture in the soil. In November and December each year, Terebinth trees change from a summertime green to flaming shades of red and orange before shedding their leaves for the winter. They sprout again in early spring and blossom in April. Small red and blue fruit the size of peas grow in the early summer. The fruit is edible and has a number of different medicinal uses.