Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take until my tree is planted?

Depending on the time of year and which forestry plots are ready for new trees, it may take anywhere from a few days to a few months before our volunteer team plants your tree. However, we guarantee that your tree will be planted within 180 days.

Where are these trees being planted?

Our trees are planted at forestry sites located throughout Israel’s central mountain range in the regions of Judea and Samaria. Samaria is the geographic region located north of Jerusalem, and Judea is located south of Jerusalem. Together, these two regions make up what is sometimes referred to as the “West Bank”. We like to call it “Israel’s biblical heartland.”

What types of trees are you planting?

Click here to read more about the different species of trees that we are planting.

How much does it cost to plant a tree in Israel?

It costs $25.00 per tree. This amount covers the cost of the sapling, mulch, watering infrastructure, and a wire cage to protect the tree from deer and other hungry fauna.

Can I come and help with planting trees?

Yes! If you’ll be in Israel during one of our planting seasons, you can click here to contact us to schedule a day visit to one of our forestry sites. If you’re interested in coming to volunteer for several weeks or more, click here to check out our upcoming volunteer trip options.

Is my donation to plant a tree in Israel tax-deductible?

Yes, any amount that you give towards the Greening Israel Project is tax-deductible. The Greening Israel Project is an initiative of HaYovel Inc, a U.S. non-profit organization registered as a 501c3. Our EIN number is ​​20-4318425.

You will receive an official summary between January 1 and January 31 reflecting your donation(s) given in the previous calendar year.

If you live outside of the United States of America, please check your local tax laws to find out if your government recognizes donations given to U.S. 501c3 organizations as tax-deductible.

Do you have legal rights to the land where you are planting trees?

We do not own any of the land where we plant trees. We work closely with individual farmers, local Jewish communities, and local municipality governments. Most of the Greening Israel Project forestry sites are located on land owned and controlled by the state of Israel.

What is your survival rate for the trees you are planting?

As of May 2023 we have planted more than 11,000 trees in Israel. Our average survival rate is more than 80%, which is much higher than other tree planting programs in Israel. This is due to our unique water-box system which ensures that each tree receives sufficient water for the first 6-12 months after planting, giving them the nourishment they need to survive and thrive.

When will I receive the certificate for my tree?

If you chose the certificate add-on option when you made your donation, you’ll receive an email with instructions for customizing your certificate text within 10-15 minutes of your donation being processed. Follow the instructions to customize your certificate. Once you confirm the text that you want, we’ll send it for production.

Most certificates arrive within 7-14 business days. Expedited shipping is available at checkout if you need the certificate sooner than that.

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