Atlantic Terebinth

Scientific NamePistacia atlantica
Common NameAtlantic Terebinth, Mt. Atlas Mastic Tree, Atlas Pistachio
Hebrew Nameאלה אטלנטית

The Atlantic Terebinth tree is a species of pistachio tree that is also commonly known as the Mt. Atlas Mastic Tree. It is indigenous to the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Atlantic Terebinth trees grow up to seven meters in height with a stout trunk and dense crown of leaves. They are very drought-tolerant and excellent for combating soil erosion. These trees strengthen the soil and commonly planted as part of reforestation projects, especially those in arid climates or with steep hillsides.

The pistachio fruits from the tree are edible, although not commonly consumed. Pistachio nuts as you can purchase in the store typically come from a different species (Pistacia vera).