Stone Pine

Scientific NamePinus pinea
Common NameStone Pine, Umbrella Pine
Hebrew Nameאורן הסלע

The Stone Pine is a tree in the pine family that is indigenous to the Middle East, specifically Israel and Lebanon. It’s shape is very different from the typical pyramidal shape of most evergreen trees. In its first few years, it grows as a round shrub-like tree, but gradually matures into a towering tree with a characteristic mushroom-shaped canopy. The shape is instantly recognizable and has led to its alternate names of Umbrella Pine or Parasol Pine.

The Stone Pine has been cultivated since biblical times for its edible pine nuts and is grown today across the world, especially in Southern Europe and coastal regions of California.

Stone pine trees grow slowly throughout the first 5-10 years, but after several decades can reach heights up to 60 feet with branches that spread up to 40 feet in diameter.