Twisted Acacia

Scientific NameAcacia raddiana
Common NameTwisted Acacia
Hebrew Nameשיטה סלילנית

The Twisted Acacia is a short tree with an impressive umbrella shape. It has a trunk with brown-reddish bark that branches into a broad, flat crown at about 2-3 meters in height.

Acacia trees grow deep roots and can take advantage of deep water sources that other plants cannot. They are typically found growing in arid, desert climates near places where seasonal streams occasionally flow. The leaves of the Twisted Acacia are very thorny.

Twisted Acacia trees have been growing in Israel for a long time! This tree is specifically mentioned a number of different times in the Bible and its wood was named as the building material of choice for the Tabernacle boards, the altar, and the Ark of the Covenant.

Another important biblical reference is found in Isaiah’s prophecy about the restoration of Israel. The acacia tree is specifically named as one of the trees that God will bring back when the restoration of Israel happens (Isaiah 41:19).