Premiere of the New Greening Israel Movie

Our new film Greening Israel tells the story of our journey planting trees in Israel’s biblical heartland. Over the last several years, we have experienced setbacks and challenges, including arson attacks, trees being cut down, and guard dogs being stolen. Each time, however, we saw God’s hand through the entire process and never stopped planting more trees.

Today, we’re excited to share this special story with you through the Greening Israel film. However, this incredible movie is just the beginning of the story.

Now, you can get involved in our tree planting project and help make it happen from wherever you’re at in the world.

Our goal is to plant 5,000 trees in 2022, beginning as soon as Israel’s sabbatical year finishes in September. We aim to plant 20,000 additional trees every year beginning in 2023.

To get the saplings started in greenhouses in preparation for planting in October and November of 2022, we need your help. Your donation for one, two, or even ten trees is literally an investment in the restoration of God’s Kingdom, happening today in the biblical heartland of Israel.

Wondering what makes our tree planting program unique? Read what the Jerusalem Post had to say about our project in a recent article here.

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